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Helping out behind the scenes for BENRUS at Fashionably Late

on Wed, 10/28/2015 - 20:39

SoWa Vintage Market always gets by with a little help from our friends.

We like to return the favor.

When my friend, Boston Fashion Show Producer + Fashion Stylist, Kathy Benharris, asked me to help her with a high profile show for BENRUS during Boston Fashion week, of course my only response could be: "when, where, what time?".

Kathy has been a fabulous friend to SoWa Vintage Market and she works magic with our finds at her styling hands.

The job: show up at The Liberty and help the team dress Camille Kostek, former New England Patriot's Cheerleader and BENRUS Brand Ambassador.

And, oh, by the way, Camille is Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend, so thre's that.

No problem.

Trying to remain calm and be cool.

"Trying" is the operative word.

It was an exciting evening filled with fabulous military inspired fashion and timepieces.  

Here a few of my snapshots:

including Rob coming in to wish Camille good luck pre-show.

They were so cute.  

He was wearing a sports coat + dark crew neck with jeans and asked if he looked okay.

(OMG- he looked AMAZING!)

But Camille was the STAR of the show and looked fantastic in all of her looks including her finale in a custom made Benrus skirt designed from a silk parachute.

And I loved the layering of watches with chunky stone bangle bracelets.

Check out more pics here on the BENRUS blog for their coverage of the event and to see that amazing parachute fabric military princess skirt.

Such a fun evening!  




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Cool places to shop vintage and to score designer finds in Boston

on Wed, 10/28/2015 - 12:59

We are honored SoWa Vintage Market made the list in Domino Magazine's article: Vintage Shopping in Boston.

We are escpecially thrilled to be included with other fabulous South End businesses, Pioneer Goods + Farm and Fable as well as Cambridge based Reside.  All wonderful places to find special pieces!

Come to Boston on a Sunday + make a day of shopping vintage.

The Market is open Sundays 10-4, Year Round, at 450 Harrison Ave, Boston.  

(Unlike the outodoor Markets, we remain open all year).

We're in the basement under Bobby's from Boston and the Galleries.  

Enter via the Harrison Ave end of the 450 Building OR at the Artist Studio entrance marked "450 Artist Studios" (right next to Bobby's).

When visiting Boston, we'd like to add these South End locations to the list: Boomerang's and Sault New England on Tremont St, and of course, Bobby's from Boston (in our building!).  Thank you Domino Magazine!

Please follow us on FB, Twitter and Instagram + stay tuned to spceial events + pop up shoping dates @ SoWa Vintage Market!

See you at SoWa on Sundays!

Read the Domino Magazine article here.

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Open All Year

Opening Day at SoWa is HERE! Sunday, May 3 10am-4pm

on Sun, 05/03/2015 - 09:55

SoWa's BIG Spring Opening Day is here and we're super excited.

We hope you'll join us!

SoWa Open Market is now called New England Open Markets @ SoWa.

SoWa Vintage Market is still called SoWa Vintage Market.

We have moved, right next door, to 450 Harrison Ave (under Bobby's From Boston).

To help with the lay of the land, park at the new SoWa sponsored parking lots under I-93, gps address 324 Albany St.

Start here!

Walk across Albany St to the fabulous Artist lot.

Walk down Thayer St (the little walking Street that runs from Albany to Harrison between 460 and 450 Harrison Ave) and pop downstairs to SoWa Vintage Market's new home at 450 Harrison Ave. 

Exit SoWa Vintage, continue to 500 Harrison Ave to the Farmer's Market, OR, pass through the stops by Mohr + McPherson directly into the Farmer's Market.  After the Farmers, continue south on Harrison to hit the Food Trucks.  

Reverse your steps through the Farmers, Vintage, and the Artists to head back to the parking, or head into the South End and do some exploring.

Washington and Tremont Streets are a few blocks walking through some lovely neighborhoods.

You can check out our fave South End destination shops like Sault, New England, Pioneer Goods, Farm + Fable, Formaggio, The Polka Dog Bakery, and Hudson, just to name a few.  Walk around and enjoy this neighborhood: the South End is fabulous.

Have a great Sunday, and we hope to see you at the Markets!



SoWa Vintage Market has the COOLEST vendors with awesome finds

on Fri, 02/20/2015 - 16:35

Today's Feature on the Blog:

Gilbert White, who has a vintage fashion, accessories, and lifestyle vintage business @SoWa Vintage Market on Sundays called:  Let's Do It Again.

Gilbert has THE accessories for living fly: his booth is stocked with fashion for men + women, couture, shoes,boots, belts, bags, belts, jewelry, musical instruments, cameras, furs, hats, steroes, and just about anything else that's cool.  Let's Do It Again supplies stylists, models, photographers, set designers, set decorators, wardrobe and costume professionals along with a style savvy public who shop SoWa weekly.

Check out Gil and his awesome looks Sundays at The Vintage SoWa, of course!  Enjoy.

xo  we love you, Gilert + Cheryl!



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Cure Cabin Fever: outfit a bar @ SoWa Vintage Market Open Sundays in Boston

on Fri, 02/20/2015 - 15:38

Cure your cabin fever this weekend @ SoWa Vintage Market!


Come see us this Sunday 10-4 !  

GPS 369 Albany St right to the lot with FREE parking all winter!

We're starting a series on the blog dedicated to the thrill of the vintage hunt and what you can find at the Market Sundays.

Our first feature:


Some photos of barware/lounge items we spied around the Market:


Do up a bar with trays, barware, glassware, shakers, strainers, jiggers, measures, a pretty vase (why not?) etc. 

You may even get lucky and find the perfect bar cart (or the perfect thing to make into a bar cart).



Nothing beats the winter blues like nesting at home with cool vintage lifestyle items for elegant living.


Check out SoWa Vintage Market in Boston's South End!

Come to SoWa + see us on Sunday!

FREE parking all winter.

Our physical address is 460C Harrison Ave, Boston 369 Albany St on the GPS gets you right to our parking lot.


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Year Round

Ballerinas like vintage too! Dusty Button Photo Shoot Take One

on Sat, 11/29/2014 - 23:39

We always say we have awesome customers and we're grateful for all of you who support SoWa Vintage Market and visit us on Sundays.  Thank you!

At our core, my partner, John, and I are pickers.  American Pickers, whatever you want to call it, we love finding cool vintage things.  We also enjoy connecting with people who "get" the stuff we find.  Dusty and Taylor Button "get" our stuff.  Dusty is a principal dancer for Boston Ballet.  Taylor collects vintage cars and motorcycles and photographs his wife's dance career.  They are marketing geniuses.  And they have an amazing eye!  Since they've lived in Boston they've collected some of our favorite pieces and some of fave finds around the Market from other vendors.  It's so cool when customers assemble a collection from the Market.

Dusty and I started following each other on Instagram @dusty_button and @sowavintage.  Check her out!  Follow both of us to see our cool pics.

Her dance pictures and videos are amazing.  We came up with the idea that SoWa Vintage makes a really cool location for a photo/video shoot, so we set one up earlier this week.  It was AWESOME!  

We'll have links to videos and photos and we'll share them soon.  

Until then, we hope you enjoy these pics of Dusty @ SoWa Vintage Market.  And for those lucky enough to see her in The Nutcracker this weekend,, we hope you loved it!




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Open All Year

Coming to Boston for Homecoming + Holidays?

on Sat, 11/22/2014 - 16:59

Coming home to Boston for the Holidays and thinking of things to do with your guests or yourself?

Come to SoWa Vintage Market, 460C Harrison Ave, Boston, Ma.  

Sundays 10-4.

GPS 365 Albany St right to the "vintage market lot".

Park on the street for free Sundays or pay $7 to park in the (private) lot.

Admission to SoWa Vintage Market is free.

30 different vendors have varied and awesome collections of furniture, art, fashion, designer finds, jewelry and objects.

Check out some recent pix and new arrivals!  See you in SoWa soon.

SoWa Vintage Market

SoWa Vintage Market open YEAR Round! Perfect time to explore SoWa.

on Fri, 10/31/2014 - 16:32

SoWa Vintage Market is open year round!

Sundays 10-4 inside 460C Harrison Ave, Boston, Ma.

GPS 365 Albany Street right to the parking lot where you can park for $7 (also in other SoWa sponsored lots).

Street parking is FREE on Sundays.  Please make sure you choose a legal spot (read the signs).

Just in case.

We like the city for fall exploring in Boston.  SoWa Vintage Market is the perfect excuse.

Next stop, Bobby's From Boston.

A quick visit to the Mohr + McPherson cafe (they have wifi + a bathroom) and it's either back to SoWa Vintage

to get that treasure you left behind (that you know you want, so you should get because you love it) or off to the other shops + galleries in SoWa.

Have a great Sunday + see you in SoWa!



SoWa Vintage Market
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SoWa Open Market

SoWa Vintage Market Fashion Show + SoWa Stroll Video

on Mon, 10/13/2014 - 15:05

Check out the video from the fabulous Fashion Show hosted by SoWa Vintage Market during the SoWa Hospitality Stroll.

Fashion Show Production + Styling by Kathy Benharris

Makeup + Hair: MLR Artist Management

Video Production: Michael Anderson Productions

Photography: Dimonika Bray Photographer

Fashions from SoWa Vintage Market and Bobby From Boston

We had a great evening showing the concierge community the magic that comes from SoWa Vintage Market and our neighbors around Thayer St + Harrison Ave in SoWa in the hands of seasoned fashion professionals.  Our models were members of Boston's gracious concierge community who rocked the runway while having a blast!  

We hope you like the video.  

Kathy Benharris
Stephanie Pernice
Liz Cahill
Ann Heimlicher

SoWa Concierge Stroll + Fashion Show @ SoWa Vintage Market

on Thu, 06/26/2014 - 01:07

SoWa's been heating up with the return of the Artists + Farmers + Food Trucks since May + we're excited with all the activity in the neighborhood.

We hope you'll join us some Sunday from 10-4 (SoWa Vintage open Year Round, the rest of the Markets open May => October).

Sundays in SoWa are a rocking good time!

And, when we're not out hunting fabulous vintage for all of you, we're thinking up new ways to inspire Boston with all things vintage cool.

What better way to showcase vintage for REAL PEOPLE than to host a Fashion Show?

And to use real people from Boston's Concierge community as our models.

Read all about the SoWa Concierge Stroll + Fashion Show @ SoWa Vintage Market 

we hosted earlier this month.

And stay tuned to our channels @ SoWa Vintage Mkt (Twitter) @ SoWa Vintage Market (FB)

@SoWaVintage (Instagram).

Thanks for loving vintage + loving us...back at ya, Boston!



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